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Treetrack uses new technology to multiply the reforestation area and reduce the reforestation costs.


Tree Track technology increases the speed of Replating.

Seed Pod

Tree track Seed pod has nurition for a plant to grow and reach the safe size.


Tree Track Uses the Special Drones for reforestation.

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Tree Track Technologies

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Our goal is to plant 100 million trees by 2030

Our team is committed to helping Canada’s environment. The tree-planting process involves many steps. With new methods and techniques, TreeTrack will plant much higher trees. Simply scaling up existing models will not bring about a transition to a fair, climate-smart economy. We need entirely new models. Besides, the opportunity cost of doubling down on this tree-planting pathway is potentially much higher than any cash outlay we can imagine. Based on the business model, we need to prepare drones for planting trees, mapping, and surveys.

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