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New Solution for Reforestation and Agriculture


Tree Track has developed an advanced formula for producing seedpods that ensure high germination rates.

The goal is to reach remote areas

Hybrid drones

Tree Track is equipped with highly efficient drones specially designed for reforestation. Each drone can cover a vast area every day.

Swarm Drones

Tree Track drones operate in groups of 10 for each mission, with ground-based computers controlling each group.

Mapping and Surveying

Tree Track introduces a cost-effective and simplified approach to reforestation through our drones. Each year, our drones monitor and report on the progress of planted vegetation in the region.

Forest pest management

Wildfire potential areas

To identify areas damaged by forest insects and diseases, Tree Track utilizes special drones and UAVs with long-range flight capabilities, allowing us to access remote forest regions where damage is a potential fire hazard.

Installation Process

Drones are equipped with special camera to monitor and report damaged area.

Care and Maintenance

Tree Track systems and platform allow for the fast and easy capture and monitoring of large areas.

Reducing the Risk of Remote Hazards

Tree Track has developed a new system and technology designed to enhance tree planting speed while minimizing risks and hazards in unfamiliar areas. This innovation utilizes customized drones with the capability to carry heavy payloads over extended distances.