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New Solution for Reforestation and agriculture

Mapping and surveying

Tree Track uses special long range drones for Mapping and surveying the remote area within 40 km distanse

Drone seed planter

Each drone can Carry 1500-3500 seed pod in every load for 1.5 hours.

Reforestation managment system

Tree Track developed system to monitor plated areas.

Reducing Rick of Remote hazards

Tree Track invented a new system and technology to increase the speed of planting trees and reduce the risks and hazards of unknown areas by using customized drones capable of carrying a heavy payload for an extended range.

The goal is Reach to remote aera

Hybrid drones

Tree Track is equipped with highly efficient drones which are specially designed for Reforestation each drone can cover massive area every day.

Swarm Drones

Tree Track Drones can be in a group of 10 for every mission and job. each group of 10 drones, are controlled by a Computer on the ground.

Care and Maintenance

Tree Track introduce easier and low cost way for reforestation by their drone. every year, our drone monitor and report the progress of vegetation planted region.

Forest pest management

Wildfire potential areas

for finding destroyed or damaged areas by forest insects and diseases Tree Track uses special Drones and UAVs with long-range flight distances to access the heart of the forest. damaged areas have potential for starting fire.

Installation Process

Drones are equipped with special camera to monitor and report damaged area.

Care and Maintenance

The Tree Track systems and platform allows  to capture and monitor large areas fast and easy.


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